Friday, July 13, 2012

Dijon Sweet Potato Salad with Bacon

I've always really loved sweet potatoes. But for a long time, I thought they were only good as a Thanksgiving side dish (with lots of butter and brown sugar). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the butter and brown sugar, but I've discovered that sweet potatoes are so much more versitile. They are super nutritious so I'm really happy when I prepare them in a way that my family will enjoy.

Dijon Sweet Potato Salad with Bacon (serves 6-8 side servings)

2 large sweet potatoes, scrubbed and cut into bite size cubes
2-3 stalks celery, finley chopped
1/2 c. red onion, minced
1/2 c. real bacon bits (or 6-8 slices, cooked and crumbled)
1/2-1 c. mayonnaise
1-2 t. dijon mustard
1/2 t. salt free seasoning (I used Mrs. Dash original)
salt and pepper

In a large pot, cook sweet potatoes in boiling water until fork tender. Drain and transfer to a large mixing bowl.

 These are the bacon bits I used, but any real bacon bits will work.
 Using the same pot, cook bacon bits over medium heat just until they sizzle and appear to be slightly crisp. (Omit this step if using sliced bacon because it will already be crisp.)
Add bacon and remaining ingredients to the sweet potatoes. Mix well. 

 Serve warm or cold. Either way is wonderful!


  1. this looks amazing! What a great idea :)

    1. Thanks, Emilie! I just love the smokey bacon and sweet potato combination.